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Vascular Ultrasound

Course Title: Fundamentals of Non-Invasive Vascular Technology

Course Objective: All students will gain a fundamental knowledge of ultrasound physics and hemodynamics, basic to advanced vascular anatomy, and perform and interpret other non-invasive vascular examinations. All students will gain the knowledge needed to work in a vascular laboratory, as well as interact with patients and physicians. Students with clinical vascular ultrasound experience will become better prepared to take the vascular technology registry offered by the ARDMS

Course Prerequisites: Students must be registered or registry eligible by the ARDMS.

Course Content: Vessel Anatomy, Upper and Lower Extremity Venous Anatomy, Upper and Lower Extremity Arterial Anatomy, Carotid Artery and its branches, Lower Extremity Segmental Pressures, Vein Mapping, Abdominal Vascular Structures, Renal Doppler Examinations, Liver Doppler Examinations

Course Instructor: Megan Cassell, RVT, ARDMS

Course Length: To be announced

Course Schedule: To be announced

Item Number: VUS100
Tuition: $3,495