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Diagnostic Imaging Training and Education - The Institute for Advanced Clinical Imaging

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"The in-class setting made it possible to ask questions and gain further understanding"
MRI Student 09-02


"Well put together. Ken made it easier to understand the materials given."
Shana B. RT(R)


"I enjoyed  the visual aids that helped me to have a more profound understanding of he physics involved in MRI."
Marlon P. RT(R)

"It's a great program. Any tech can learn a lot in a short time. Materials are good!"
MRI Student Class 09-02 

"I finally took the registry and I passed!  Just wanted to let you know that your class was a great help and you were an awesome teacher!"
Nichole B.  RT(R)(MR)

"I would not have passed without taking your class at The Institute for Advanced Clinical Imaging. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for enabling me to realize my goal. As you said on the first day of class, there are those techs who have worked in the field for a long time, and just never given the chance to become an MRI tech. I feel very comfortable now when I'm scanning, and I will wear my MRI patch with pride. Again, thank you very much. I will be passing on the word about your classes to other techs."
Rick T,  RT(R)(CT)(MR) 

"Nothing was over my head. The class had a very easy going atmosphere and a great teacher."
MRI Student Class 08-02

"I liked the interaction and also the on line lecture to further understand the topic.  The program is very beneficial to techs who want to further their career but have no time because of their job situation."
Caroline O,  RT(R)

"An instructor that knew how to teach made it easy to learn. I didn't have to go home after class and try to figure it out on my own."
MRI Student 08-01